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The hydrangea is very suitable as a cut flower for the vase and can be effortlessly combined in various bouquets. Once the flowers have been harvested at the farm, they are immediately put in the water with the stems and cooled. This promotes the shelf life of the flower. They are then sold through the auction.

We distinguish between two main groups:
- Fresh hydrangeas
- Classic (colored) hydrangea

Fresh hydrangeas

Fresh hydrangeas generally have bright colors such as white, blue, pink or purple. With these flowers you have to cut a small piece diagonally from the stem. Then place them in a clean vase, preferably not in the bright sun or above the heating. You can still cut a small piece of the stem of flowers that go limp. The flower will usually recover and pick up again after a few hours.

Classic hydrangeas

Classic (colored) hydrangeas have more a green / red / brown tint. They will not go limp quickly and will dry out after a few weeks. Then remove the water from the vase. You can then enjoy these beautiful flowers for weeks, which are also very suitable as dry flowers.